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Home Insurance

Many mortgage companies will require that you have homeowners insurance when you purchase your home. But, insuring your residence against loss, damage and liability is more than just a requirement- it's an important financial consideration. At Seckel, our insurance agents understand this, and work with you to find the right protection for the right price.

When you contact us about homeowners insurance, we'll start by asking you some questions about your home. We'll also talk about your other insurable assets to determine whether you can save money on bundled insurance or better protect yourself from liability with an umbrella policy. Then, once we have a full understanding of your unique needs, we'll recommend the policy that best fits your situation and get you a quote. This entire conversation, from questions to quote, usually takes 15-30 minutes. And, because homeowners insurance payments are often made with your mortgage payments, we can usually issue the insurance policy immediately, without needing any payment information.

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